Jeannette Scollard is a distinguished lecturer and author in the field of business and management. Also a successful corporate senior executive and diversified entrepreneur, she wrote the first entrepreneurial guide aimed directly at women and lectures on business at campuses from Harvard to Wharton. She is currently at work on another book about management. She is ghostwriting a book on beauty.

Jeannette makes regular prolonged visits to Europe and is a history buff, especially intrigued by the largely undocumented impact women have had on Europe in the past 600 years. She felt compelled to write about 14th century Philippa of Lancaster. "It's like she reached across the centuries and found me," Jeannette notes. "To bring her to life, I wrote her story as fiction."
DIVINE INTERVENTION, is currently for sale as an audio book and an EBook. This is a glorious chronicle of how a problematic marriage between a desperate bride and an obstinate king slowly transformed into a great love affair, the remarkable legacy of which was the launch of the Age of Discovery. Philippa of Lancaster, older sister of Britain's King Henry IV, hungered for her own power and influence when she married King Joao I of Portugal, a stubborn former priest. Although he had been assisted by Philippa's father, John of Gaunt, in salvaging Portugal's future as an independent country, Joao initially refused to share the same castle as his bride or to have any dealings with her. Educated, diplomatic and determined, Philippa was not easily deterred: She first persuaded Joao's mistress to enter a convent for life. Then Philippa then took Joao's two illegitimate children under her wing and treated them as her own, while she organized day to day business in the kingdom as though Joao were beside her. Slowly, he began to visit her and as they came to know more about each other, to their great surprise Philippa and Joao discovered they were a match made in heaven. Their awkward marriage of convenience blossomed into a wonderful lifelong love affair. They raised an extraordinary family and launched Portugal's ascent into its Golden Age.